Genuine Happiness

sad childrenHappiness is a major concern throughout the world. A quick search of the web will give a glimpse of how serious this issue is to people. Thousands of suggestions appear giving tips on how to be happy, tools for keeping your kids happy and policies for keeping the world happy. The quest for happiness is a driving factor in much of America’s economy. From McDonald’s to Wal-Mart to Hollywood to Procter and Gamble, billions of dollars have been made with the promise of a happier life through some new bauble. The quest for happiness has left many in despair, as they learn how unable possessions are to make one really happy. For those who deny the existence of God, and any propsect of the hereafter, the only hope they have is in this immediate life. They are left with very little, looking to get the most they can out of this life with no real hope for anything to follow. This emptiness and hopelessness happens because every individual has been created in the image of God and with an innate knowledge they have a purpose greater than this world. Without the knowledge of God given in the Bible, no man would know the eternal plan of God, the promise of salvation through Christ and the purpose life. Without a knowledge of the Bible to reveal mans purpose hearts, souls and lives are left empty. Apart from a personal relationship with Christ and the promise of eternal life that comes with being forgiven of sin, there is nothing left but emptiness. The only source of real purpose and hope is Christ.

Don’t misunderstand this, Christ did not live and die merely to give you purpose and make your life happier. Christ died to restore you to peace with God. Many lives are empty of purpose because they are at odds with God. Scriptures teaches we are born in enmity with God. We don’t want to do what He says and we don’t want to live under His control. That is not to say many don’t think good things about God. Many people are quite fond of God. However, a huge gulf exists between being fond of God and being obedient to Him. The first step for genuine happiness, peace and purpose is to turn from sin and trust Christ to remove the opposition with God. Only after sin is forgiven and peace is made with God can true purpose be found.


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